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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HARMONY HILL - 3 day extended cancer retreat

HARMONY HILL is an amazing place run by amazing people. The programing for cancer patients and family/caregivers is an extraordinary chance, a rare opportunity to share your story, be heard, hear the amazing courage of others and compare the reactions we have experienced, as well as the heart-aches and the triumphs. ..
and it is offered FREE OF CHARGE.

They are also encouraging me to put you in touch with them. The link above goes to their home page. I have some journaling and resource materials which were donated to Angel's fledgling cancer resource center this past weekend. This means we have all manner of professional contacts and some first rate materials from to support the brave cancer patients WAY OUT HERE in Eatonville.

Call 253-235-1362 or write to find your way to Angels.
We look forward to meeting you.

Spring into Health! fair/expo 4/20/11

Spring into Health! It is that time of year, again.
The Fair/expo 4/20/11 is held in the gym of the Eatonville Middle School.

I will be there to display my EATONVILLE business license and the [SAFE access ~ LEGAL weed] bumper stickers. Maybe I will have buttons available.

I look forward to spending the afternoon among other health minded people, and possibly meeting some interested people in the crowd. I will have Canapath and THCF contact info for folks who need to see the doctor, first.

If you make it to EMS for the fair - stop by to say "Hello!"

Angel Regan

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Angel Daily: Reality from the space and sparks in my skull.

About that shop...I am having SUCH a good time with virtual and on-call encounters, that I am just keeping this service on-call/dispatch delivery until no more lawyers suggest iron bars on any storefront window, or concealed weapons permits.

The mystery garden is safe for now from "dirtbags" as the Chief so mildy put it. So, since it ain't broke, I will not fix it.

I do not travel with any significant amount of medicine or cash due to our fabulous world of electronic transactions and private meeting spots.

In other news - I found my fantastic special wrapping paper for my original undeniably wonderful THC relief treats that I will soon recreate for the soon to be adoring THC-legal public.

I just love making reality from the space and sparks in my skull.

Keeping it Simple, Sweeties

mysterious typo escapes authority.....
call for info or
to leave a message: 253-235-1362

Please forgive the one place I misspelled hotmail somewhere in this blog.... an alert reader told me, but I only found correct ones.

Thanks to the lovely folks I have met doing my new job. I feel great with a good purpose I can accomplish, and I enjoy the people I meet, as well.

Let's treat each other right and remember to relax.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


the new callers TODAY expressing their desire to join our collective. I believe The Dispatch was their tip off.

Who needs an extra errand in Tacoma?

Please be patient as we wind up the paperwork, verify your identity and your medical recommendation. I take the time to listen to your need and VERIFY YOUR APPLICATION.

You are joining Eatonville's SAFE access ~ LEGAL weed source.
Eatonville's first
SAFE access ~ LEGAL weed
collective/dispensary per WA RCW

The application for business has been signed off.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Angels Daily

By the end of March, our collective will have 3 contributing patients. This means 45 seeds will be allowed to become plants for the collective garden in the coming season. Once the males and female plants have declared themselves, and "Les Femmes" are remaining alone....

We are happy to report the problems encountered last cycle have been cleaned up, and we are ready to start again...Of course, the exact location of the new garden must remain a mystery for the protection of everyone. We are thankful to Chief Officer Wade who encouraged us to find a safe location, away from home and prying eyes. The good people of Eatonville want a SAFE COLLECTIVE.

I have started to make inquiries into a location for a shop. There are a few possibilities right in town, which would be delightful if the rent is low enough. This would also require a new Eatonville Business License for moving out of the home office/dispatch service.

I had a successful trial run validating my patient with the existing medical marijuana papers from Canna Path in Tacoma. I believe I will refer people there since the hometown ARNP I have asked is requesting only a very few appointments for now.

Meanwhile, the demand for Angels THC Treats - the powerful HSHSH candy coins I created - is still growing! I will make a new batch soon and wrap them properly, colorfully for display. they are excellent calming down a hyper mood, as well as ensuring a good 6-7 hour, solid chunk of sleep.

The company bank account is open. PostCards, business cards and bumper stickers & Angels checks for bills are on the way from Vistaprint - I love these guys. Also, I will be having some fun setting up files for standard forms, finding a free accounting program, and all the other exciting details of setting up shop.

So far this idea has been fairly well received in Eatonville - but I was surprised the first week of the Dispatch advert brought ZERO calls! Therefore, I will switch over to the MOUNTAIN NEWS - a brand new online newspaper for the Moutain people all around here.

Stay well - remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Angel's Health Resource MEETS THE MAN

Yesterday in Eatonville WA, the first applicant for a
legal WEED ~ SAFE access
dispensary/collective in this little mountain town was treated to a very friendly rap sesion with the BIGGY WIGGY guys in the Town of Eatonville's Mayor office. These guys are truly concerned for this citizen's safety. I for one am glad to hear it. I welcomed their suggestions, and answered their questions. They were happy to see I am very forthcoming and brought them all kinds of WA-published info on the topic.

In other Angel-news---> Our first advert started today with a typo - so the next few weeks will be improved.

The secret garden for Angel resource is seeking its new location. The BIG MEN Eatonville 98328 were glad to learn my house is just a call-center/dispatch service. There will be exactly NO NEWS as this issue is settled.

Meanwhile, last year's harvest is starting out the new service perfectly well. The pure and true HSHSH sweets invented and produced earlier are a popular item. All positive reviews and no problems. I am really glad I wrote the recipes down carefully. I will be creating a new batch sometime soon, and look forward to wrapping them properly with oregami paper and the new CUTE round labels I purchased with my free business cards.

Remember - a mail order service is a fine arrangement. These treats REALLY are good for pain and sleep problems. People who have tried them find it amazing how good REAL ingredients are!

MARCH FOURTH into the grand and simple life ahead of you. Pain and fear are the demon tricksters of this plane of existence. Defeat them and you are on your way into your own dream-visioned life of love.

Call on Angel's Resource if you seek SAFE access ~ LEGAL weed / especially in South Pierce county, WA - Thurston and Lewis, as well.

Angel's Health Resource is Here!

Thanks to the big men in the Town of Eatonville's seat of power for supporting the safety of this venture. I have the permit paper for the electric circuit alteration filled out already and will give them copies of my legal weed papers and Kelly's.

I have two patients in process of becoming authorized, now! I am envisioning how the "Angel's Breath" vapor room will come into being, soon - my serious pain patients could use some reduction in muscle spasticity.

The NEW secret garden has to find its new location....and that will be the new project of Spring! Meanwhile, last harvest is supporting the new venture.

Our first advertisemnent was published with a typo for this site - so it will be better next week!

I am celebrating the two new patients this week - arriving with my Staet and local licenses and UBI. Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year - MARCH FOURTH!

This is the only date all year that is also the IMPERATIVE CASE, a positive suggestion to get on with your life!

MARCH FOURTH all ye divine souls - and call me if you need help finding
SAFE access ~ LEGAL weed
in South Pierce county, Thurston or Mason counties, WASHINGTON State.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LEGAL weed ~ SAFE access

Angel's Health Resource will be meeting with Nick Bond, from the town of Eatonville, the Mayor and the chief of Police. This is the first application Eatonville has seen for safe and legal medical marijuana access. I hope to show how we will all reamin safe and legal while patients get cards and supplies. Wish me LUCK!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Angel's Health Resource is Here for Families Treating Cancer

Angel's Health Resource has been formed with the needs of people facing cancer in mind. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

We have been accepted for affiliation with Tacoma Breast Cancer Resource Center. We want to offer the same support and guidance, literature, contacts and information resources to the more rural communities between Tacoma and Mount Rainier.

Free wigs, special post mastectomy wear, classes in nutrition, health, relaxation and coping with the enormous emotional burden of cancer are available to the public at no cost.

Online resources and real live people, a lending library, as well as head coverings and camisoles are available for you.

We will help you find what you need to ease your burden.

WELCOME to Angel's Health Resource for South Pierce County, WA

We are here to provide safe, legal access to medicinal cannabis for patients authorized per RCW revised Jan 20, 2011.

We can refer you to an authorizing medical professional if you are suffering from accepted conditions - see our page listing.

We will be opening a store in Spanaway, and arranging for safe delivery for registered members from Puyallup, Yelm, Rainier, McKenna up towards the mountain, including Ashford, Elbe and Morton.

Please call 253-235-1362 to join us.

Your FREE membership will include safe, regular supply of top-quality, local & organic medicinal marijuana at affordable prices, and assistance obtaining your medical papers as needed/appropriate.

We welcome your contact and suggestions. We are here to serve the needs of legal patients using medical marijuana their designated providers.

Please email us:
call for info or to leave a message: 253-235-1362